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2017 June 18 Drift 1RXDriftts Boston Skip by  Griff Wood Drift / Boston Child

This awesome stallion's lines: Driftwood, Skipper W, Boston Mac, and Leo. He is raising very nice

foals. He is homosaogyous for the black gene. Broke and so easy to handle. You can tell by his pictures. 

2017 June 18 Ben 41Mr Le Doc   by  Six Shot Doc / San Jewell

This awesome stallion's lines: Doc O'Lena, Mr San Peppy, Leo, and Poco Tivio. He has had big correct foals.

Very calm, easy to be around. He is green broke to ride. Great on ground work. He is offered for sale.

2017 June 18 Ben 342017 June 18 Ben 12017 June 18 Ben 33


Smokey 3RXEttabo Bonanza Dew   by   Ettabos Sun  /  Royal Major Decision

This awesome stallion's lines:  Ettabo, Leo, Hard twist, and Major Bonanza.  We have never bred him.

He is broke and well mannered. Great to be around. He was in the Idaho Extreme Cowboy Race at the Expo.

He is offered for sale.

Smokey 1Smokey 2Smokey 4


2016 july 3 RebelRXCoasters Chey Rebel   by  Painted Coaster  /  RX Onnis Ms Cheyenne

This awesome stallion's lines: Bayou Bar, Coaster's Colleen, Mr Rebel, and Ben Lopen Spook. We haven't bred

him yet. He has ground work and is a easy going guy.

2016 may 7 Rebel2017 Rebel June 11


2017 Trigger June 11 5RX Coasters Gem Dandy    by  Painted Coaster  /  Gems Beauty Doll

This awesome stallion's lines: Bayou Bar, Coaster's Colleen, Doc Bar Gem, and Tiger Sage. We may breed

him this spring. He has always been a kind, giving and willing boy. He has all his ground work.

2017 Trigger June 11 152017 Trigger June 11 242017 Trigger June 11 34


Ettabos Sun 3Ettabos Sun   by   Roan Beau  /  Go Flash Lady

Ettabos bloodlines: 3 x Leo, Worryman, Hard Twist, and Question Mark

This amazing stallion has over 40 foals. We started the Rocking X Ranch with him.

His offspring are all correct and have great minds. He is marked with AQHA as a dun proudcing sire.

ettaboMAY 11 2002 9Ettabos Sun 1Ettabos Sun 2 


Coaster 4Painted Coaster   by   Painters Image  /  Coaster's Colleen     

Coaster's bloodlines: Ben Lopen Spook, Bayou Bar, Coaster's Colleen, and Whimpy II.

This awesome stallion was our second to start the Rocking X Ranch. He also has over 40

foals. Proud to say they were all born here as well were Ettabos. His foals have great minds

and conformation. One of his son's was owned by Erica, Miss Rodeo Idaho. He is broke above

and behond. He has tought us many things.

Coaster 1Coaster 2Coaster 3june 14 2015 painted coaster 1

Just a note:  These stallions are very well behaved. The top three live in the same field. The next two live in their

field.  The last two are stalled. We wish we would have put them to them togather. Yes they do get along very well.



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